Friday, August 7, 2009

One year later.

I can't believe what a crazy year it's been! Sad and stressful, thrilling and exhausting! Between being laid off, working for 54 days straight, spending time with the fam and managing camp staff I've stayed fairly same.. My husband on the other hand...
Now that I've come to a "pause" in my year, I'd love to continue to update everyone on our kiddos and life in California...
For "real" this time. *wink

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So Here We Are

Setted (as much as possible) in Scotts Valley, CA. We're nine miles from the beach and in the midst of the Redwoods! Great! I (Michele) am the new Adventure Program director here, year round! Cool eh? Jeff (Booker) is a full-time stay-at-home dad and do an AMAZING job. The house has never been so clean.. seriously.. no, I mean it.. for real..It's the best. I came April 1st and the fam came out in June, after school and a short family camping trip. I had an extremely busy summer: 7 weeks of camp, 6 of which I led camping trips with teens. Now the kids are settling in, starting school and going to bed EARLIER! My job now is to focus on groups using the facilities/ ropes courses, school groups and maybe some custom camping trips. I hope learning how to sea-kayak is in the future! I've had all kinds of training and doing a job that I absolutely love. Jeff is happy to hang at the house and keep the kids in line. We love visitors!
So, here we are and I'll try to keep up w/this blog now. PEACE!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In California

Hey Friends and Family!
Not a lot of anything going on with the blog since I've been in Cali!
Yes, here I am. In Scotts Valley.. 9 miles from the beach, up the hill from Santa Cruz and south of San Francisco. It's AWESOME! Our family will be living in the midst of the Redwoods with a pool, playground and all other "campy" thing in our back yard. The last two days I've been training on our ropes-course, which includes: climbing, playing and ZIPPING out of trees. Yup, that's my job. There's a camp/hiking trip set up for next week over my 32nd B'day (cough..sputter..gah!).
Then home to see my fam for a day or two before MORE wilderness training. Anyhoo...
We'll ALL be together here by June 23rd-ish, so drop a line or letter if you want.

3100 Bean Creek Rd
Scotts Valley, CA 54755

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We get these frozen berries that the kids LOVE! Raz, blue and blackberries. Good in yogurt, with a little milk on top so it freezes into 'ice-milk' , in pancakes, on icecream, or just in a bowl with a spoon.


So, I have strep throat and as I spend the day sitting around and looking at pictures I'm reminded of a few things:
1. Most people in America have too much "Stuff". Toys, clothes, movies, tech gear, furniture... you name it.
Kezzie loves the bananna boxes I picked up from the store. But, she likes to fill them with "stuff". Hmmm.
2. I've always had access to health care.. whether I had to pay for it or not... it's around and I can go to the doctor on my
block or on the other side of America. SUCH a blessing.
3. Kids are honest. Grown-ups not so much.
4. Everyone has their own agenda... what if, on everyone's list, was to be a blessing to someone else. I'm still working on
Boy, being sick makes my brain hurt.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Couldn't Pass This Up

So, I blogged about Zander and his thing with wearing LOTs of tee-shirts at once...
And then i happened to come across this video..

So, I guess he's headed towards The Guiness Book... which really doesn't suprise me. LOL!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I just found this picture from when Michaela was doing some vocabulary homework. They had to fill out a whole sheet with definitions .. different forms of the word and so on. Then they had to draw a pic or put a pic with it ... well, the word was drenched and she convinced her brother to stand in the shower for a shot.... oh boy.